38 Harvey Brown Avenue, Milton Park , Harare
Monday - Friday 08:00-16:30

What We Do

At Women’s Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence we prepare women for leadership.


Training, Mentorship & Coaching

We hold training sessions and workshops where women are taught valuable skills such as mobilising, effective communication and how to navigate the male-dominated  political terrain.

Outreach and Research

We have a research unit for matters affecting women and we do outreach programs to communities to foster increased gender parity in politics.

Advocacy and Lobbying

We advocate and lobby  political parties, higher learning institutions, the government and other relevant stakeholders for better gender representation in leadership roles.

Who Can Apply?xjj

National Elections

Whether you want to be Councillor, MP or President, here at WALPE we can help you with tools  and skills that will help you realise your dream.

Student Governance Elections

Female students at Polytechnics, Training centers, Colleges and Universities who wish to contest for leadership positions at their institutions or at inter-institutional level will find valuables tools and skills at WALPE.

Unions and Community Positions

Female workers who want to lead their respective Unions and community leaders who wish to contest for Development Committes such as for their Schools and Health boards should also apply

Our Media