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What We Do

WALPE identifies, grooms and nurtures women aspiring to run for public office. This is achieved through long term intense leadership capacity building trainings, intergenerational mentorship and coaching exercises

Capacity Building

We offer intensive training programs on transformative leadership for women aspiring to run for public elected office. We also offer intergenerational mentorship and coaching sessions between aspiring leaders and current or former women leaders

Social Entrepreneurship

We assist women leaders with skills, techniques and opportunities to boost their economic function through nurturing of small income generating projects. Lack of financial resources is a major factor inhibiting women’s full participation in leadership

Peace building and Social Cohesion

WALPE works with men, women, boys and girls in promoting a conducive, peaceful and tolerant environment for women to freely, actively and full participate in leadership.

Who Can Apply x

Community Leaders

We believe charity begins at home. So does leadership. We train women who want to take up the leadership mantle in their own communities, from local boards to school development committes.

Student Leaders

We offer comprehensive training for students who want to contest for the Students Representative Council (SRC) and the Students Representative Assembly (SRA) at any of the country’s tertiary institutions . We hope they will then proceed to future and bigger opportunities.


Councillors are the backbone of service delivery. Yet out of 1958 Councillors only a handful are women. We believe women are capable of world class service delivery and we want to see more women as councillors in the future.

Union Leaders

We equip Union leaders and those who aspire to be wUnion leaders with the skills required for them to lead their workers unions, regardless of the professions they pursue. Our goal is to produce the first female leader of the national workers union.

Members of Parliament

We equip women with the skills and training required for them to successfully contest for legislative positions, and lobby political parties for the same. We aspire towards 50/50 represantation in both Parliament and Senate.

Presidential Candidates

As the Women’s Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence we believe there is no office too big for women. Therefore we want our alumni to contest for the Presidency.

What They Say x

We were taught many things and I am now more confident of my skills and I want to become a Councillor in the next election, all thanks to WALPE. Diana, Matebeleland South

Our Work in Numbers

Here’s are some brief statistics of what we have done in numbers:


Women Leaders Trained


Women Leadership Network Members


Provinces Covered


#LetsGo5050 Campaign