WALPE launches Transformational Leadership Classes in Manicaland.

WALPE launches Transformational Leadership Classes in Manicaland.

WALPE Training officer- Batanayi Mapinde (left), young woman leader from Mutasa (centre), Siphathisiwe Moyo, Director- Imba Mukadzi (right)

Women’s Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence (WALPE) in conjunction with <www.facebook.com/AWIDEZIM/?__tn__=K-R&eid=ARCqOgFIow6kBNSlry5Lvf2N7vFOBBXHMuiXipysmBjqTJ6Z_c9LgsJ2Y3ohRkgdMsD386SORLn47VYa&fref=mentions&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCTvOh9-zQ_EmNYl2KFCM59h2PTrl3HFY-YB01Xge…> African Women’s Initiative in Developing Economies (AWIDE) has commenced classes for leadership trainings targeting women seeking election into public office. Two inaugural classes of aspiring young women leaders from Nyanga and Mutasa districts were taken through vigorous trainings in the third week of September 2019. The trainings were tailor-made as follow on initiatives to bridge gaps identified after a needs assessment exercise carried out by the two organisations in the two districts to ascertain factors hindering women’s full participation in leadership.

100 young women between the ages of 18 – 35, drawn from diverse political, religious and social backgrounds were capacitated in transformative leadership. The trainings equipped participants with skills and knowledge in; leadership, political career development, building and managing a campaign, non-violent campaign strategies, introduction to public service and volunteerism, negotiation and consensus building, constituency outreach and voter mobilization strategies, resilience building and social accountability, public speaking, feminism, etiquette and confidence building. Participants were awarded with certificates of accomplishment after the trainings and having passed post training tests which assessed their levels of knowledge after trainings.

The objective of the trainings is to improve the numbers and quality of women who are elected into leadership positions across the political divide at all levels. The trainings which commenced in Manicaland shall be conducted in all the ten provinces as part of equipping women aspiring leaders with necessary skills, tools, means and confidence to successfully compete for elected positions and assume leadership.

The project is targeting women who intend to run for public office as Councillors, MPs, Presidents, School Development Committees (SDC), Health Centre Committees (HCC) both in rural and urban areas. Follow on inter-generational mentorship and coaching sessions shall be done together with social entrepreneurship empowerment programs to boost the women’s confidence to effectively and fully participate in leadership.

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