WALPE 2019 Statement

Women’s Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence (WALPE) welcomes all Zimbabweans and women leaders in particular to the year 2019. We note with concern the deepening economic crisis facing the country and how it adversely impacts women participation in leadership positions.

When the family is faced with hunger and difficulties, women often have to be concerned with putting bread on the table hence it limits their  active and effective participation in political leadership processes.

At WALPE, 2019 will see us roll out a number of activities and initiatives to pursue our broad aim of increasing the number and quality of women in leadership positions.

Firstly, we will conclude the consultative processes in the remaining provinces. These consultations will inform the curriculum of the leadership school which will commence classes in this first quarter of 2019.

Secondly, the organisation shall mobilise rural women leaders to run for School Development and Health Development Committee elections which are due in most rural schools, hospitals and clinics. The positions shall act as breeding grounds for women to sharpen their leadership skills in preparation for public political offices.

Thirdly, we will undertake a documentation and publicity project which will have two components. One will focus the spotlight on documenting the successes, contributions and challenges of members of Parliament (MPs) who served in the 8th Parliament and currently serving in the 9th Parliament under proportional representation as a way to empirically demonstrate why the women Qouta system must be extended. The second will be a monthly profile of women Parliamentarians in the current House of Assembly and their contribution to legislation and the development of the country. This will increase their visibility and amplify their voices.

In terms of advocacy, WALPE shall embark on a concerted campaign for the extension of the women Qouta proportional representation seats beyond 2023. Furthermore, we shall advocate for 50-50 gender representation in the 210 elected constituencies and the 1958 council positions.

2019 will therefore be very packed as we continue to build and capacitate women leaders of excellence.